Speech at Goldsmith Literature Festival

I was delighted when my friend Seamus Mcormack invited me to hold a speech about my live as an artist at the Oliver Goldsmith Literary Festival. It is the third oldest event of its type in Ireland. It takes place on June Bank Holiday weekend in the southern Longford-Westmeath area, which is becoming increasingly known as Goldsmith country. Over the last 31 years the festival (formerly the Goldsmith Summer School), has established itself as one of the foremost and most highly respected festivals of its type in Ireland with all aspects of Goldsmiths life, writings, and society having been explored over the years. A large variety of renowned critics, politicians, poets, commentators and academics have stimulated audiences over that time. It’s an important task to keep alive the brilliant work and talent of Goldsmith beyond his time. This year I was helping with pictures and videos taken at the festival to promote future events.