Featured Irish Movie Writing Home

The songs “Keep on Moving” and “The way back home” are on the list of soundtracks of the Irish Featured Movie “Writing Home” first screened at the 29th the Galway Film Fleah in July 2017. Directed by three directors, Alekson Lacerda Dall’Armellina from Brazil, Miriam Velasco from Mexico and Nagham Michel Abboud from Lebanon – Writing Home was nominated Best Irish Featured Movie, Best First Irish Movie and Best Movie by the public.

“Funded by a string of international bestsellers – of dubious literary merit – Daniel Doran’s luxurious London life consists of parties, book launches, red carpet events, women and even bigger parties. When his estranged father falls ill, Daniel reluctantly returns home to the rural Irish village of Darlingford. In a small town with no room for celebrities, Daniel must suddenly face the reality of family politics, the old flame he walked out on and the friends and community he left behind. Now an outsider in the town he never felt part of, Daniel is determined to escape back to cosmopolitan London at the first opportunity. But, in a modern comedy about rediscovering your past, Daniel will soon learn that, while there’s no substitute for a good cup of coffee, there really is no place like home.”