EP “An overseas dream”

A collaboration work between myself and Djâmen Farias from Porto Alegre, Brazil. The EP was launched on the streets of Montreux, during the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in summer 2015. It was recorded totally independently, with lot of work and dedication. Djâmen and I produced the EP and all the arrangements were made by him and myself. I produced the videos and some of the songs too. It was very nice, without pressure and lots of fun. Between breaks and weekends we watched documentaries and had the most beautiful time together.

Featuring the following songs:

Com Que Roupa (By Noel Rosa): Noel Rosa was a Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitar/bandolim player. This song was his first song in string composition, made in 1931. Noel gave a new twist to Samba, combining its Afro-Brazilian roots with a more urban, witty language and making it a vehicle for ironic social commentary.

O Fruto (by B.Fachel): I made this song in 1999. The song is about the fruit of a tree that I created in my mind called Cajuá’s tree and its fruit doesn’t want to become mature and fall. It was a way to express the feeling about being young forever.

Vôo (by B.Fachel): Inspired by the book “Jonathan Living Seagull” a story. It’s about freedom, learning and love – written by Richard Back. This is an instrumental song made in 2001. I also felt free to mix it with brazilian folk legends from the Amazon forest. This one in particular is about a bird called Uirapuru. The legend says – who hears this bird sing will be happy forever and he will make your wish become true. (The melody is a symbol of happiness.)

Samba de Chantel (by B.Fachel): The samba was created to show my compassion to a beautiful girl called Chantel, a dear friend who was suffering for love. Somehow, I had a connection with her in space time even though I was far away from her half around the globe. – 2013

Keep On Moving (by B.Fachel): This song describes the whole process of creation and to be an artist, human beings pursuing their dreams. You always need to ‘keep on moving’:) – 2014